General Music

I teach general music classes that cover a diverse range of topics that include music theory, history, subculture, songwriting and composition, and current events.

Music Ensembles

I have experience coaching the following: 

  • Small to large choruses
  • Chamber ensembles
  • String orchestra
  • Vocal and instrumental soloists


I have worked as an actor, musician, and music director on dozens of productions at Princeton University, Northlight Theatre (Skokie, IL) and Seattle Children's Theatre.

Emi Nakamura

Teacher. conductor. Composer. Musician. Theatre artist.


Heartbeat [video]

Found Sound Orchestra [video]

Amoeba [video]
Human DJ [video]

A Capella Vocalization Rehearsal [video]


Glitter And Be Gay (Bernstein) [video]

Quando me'n vo (Puccini) [video]

Poor Wand'ring One (Gilbert and Sullivan) [video]

Je veux vivre (Gounod) [video]

Ridente la calma (Mozart) [video]


Bastion Rhapsody (2014) [score / midi]​​
It Takes A Village (2013) [soundtrack]
Les Chausseures Rouges (2012) [video]
Yosakoi Daiko, collaboration with Tiffany Cheezem, Amma Owusu-Akyaw and Lina Saud (2012) [video]
Choreomania (2012) [video]
Yosakoi, arrangement of traditional Japanese song (2011) [video]
A Solo Train Ride (2010) [video]
Bartleby (2009) [video]


Songs of Encouragement, collaboration with students of the Lewis School of Princeton (2016) [SoundCloud playlist]
Miho's Song, collaboration with Miho Nakamura (2015) [video]
Leyana's Birth, collaboration with Shakil Ahmed  (2015) [recording]
The Arrow and the Song, collaboration with students of the Riverside School (2014) [video]
Little Kristyn Hegner (2013) [video]
Outside the Box, collaboration with Tara Ohrtman (2013) [video]
Grow Wise, collaboration with Jenny Rachel Weiner (2013) - [YouTube playlist]
Edgar and Ellen, collaboration with Philip Dawkins (2013) - [YouTube playlist]
Super Rockstar Outer Space Adventures, collaboration with Kristin Idaszak (2012) - [YouTube playlist]
Treehouse Beowulf (2012) - [YouTube playlist]
The Selfish Giant, collaboration with Jenny Rachel Weiner (2012) - [YouTube playlist]
Where The Sidewalk Ends (2011) - [YouTube playlist]​


Producing Tomorrow's Producers: Audio Engineering as a Tool for Facilitation (co-authored with Benjamin Barron)
Being in a Rock Band is Temporary; Being a Rockstar is Forever: a teaching reflection by Emi Nakamura


Rolling in the Deep (2013) [video]

What Makes You Beautiful (2012) [video]

NERO ARTIFEX (2011) [trailer / behind the scenes]